Friday, August 14, 2009

Return to Sperry Chalet


(that's my excited voice)

I'm off to Sperry Chalet again this weekend. Aren't I a lucky girl? I am hiking up to Sperry Chalet on Sunday for two nights and two whole sunrises at Sperry (one of my favorite things). Plus, I am hiking to Sperry Glacier on Monday (finally!). I am so excited I can't hardly stand it. Yes, it's a long hike. Yes, it's 6.5 miles all uphill but it is so worth it.

Usually when I go to Sperry it is to volunteer. To work my tail off in the short amount of time I'm there and get as much done as possible. Usually when I'm at Sperry I'm a worker bee.

Hehe, not this time (although I did volunteer to help out in the hotel, changing rooms over etc.). This trip I plan to hang out behind the hotel looking for Sperry eyes. I plan to hike to Lincoln Peak to watch the sunset. I'm going to Sperry Glacier come hell or high water. I plan to glass the hillside for signs of the sow grizzly and her cubs. I plan to read my book out on the patio and enjoy the incredible sunrises at Sperry.

Lately the weather has been kind of sketchy, fog, rain etc. That makes for some awesome moments at Sperry in the early morning as the fog rolls up the valley, past the chalet and over the mountains behind.

~sigh~ I can't hardly wait!!

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