Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Grand Day!

My morning started out like any other Tuesday, got up, got dressed, went to the office etc. etc. etc.

One thing was different however. At 9:50 I turned the phone off, logged on to ABC News and CNN and prepared to watch the moment I have waited two years for. The inauguration of President Barack Obama was solemn and dignified - except for the smile that crept across his face during the oath of office. It felt good to see so many dreams come to fruition. Dreams that did not belong to me alone - the dreams of so many people - black, white, minority, majority, male and female. Dreams of a better America, not just for ourselves, but for those who come after us. The dream of a better America for those I leave behind is especially important to me now. I have such hopes that tomorrow will be brighter than yesterday.

The inauguration was greeted with smiles and cheers and hugs. Not just on the Mall in D.C. but in my small office, as we gathered around the monitor. We exploded with the cheers of "a new President" - what a grand day

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