Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why is it among the most glacial mountain peaks I find the greatest warmth?

Another beautiful weekend spent in Glacier Park. Moose and I drove up to stay at the cabin we rented at Stanton Creek Lodge. After a long drive we were both eager to stay in a cabin surrounded by snow and wilderness and just have some time to relax. Imagine our surprise when we arrived to see this...

The lodge was completed snowed in. Nothing had been plowed, there was no way in and over 2 feet of undisturbed snow rested on the roof of each cabin. There wasn't even a place to park the car other than the side of the road. We decided to drive back to West Glacier where we had cell service and call the National Park Service reservation desk. The kind ladies informed us that the owners of the lodge were in Florida. It was so considerate of someone to inform us that we wouldn't be able to stay at the place where we had confirmed reservations.

Undaunted by this predicament we pressed on and the park service managed to reserve us other accommodations - at the Super 8 in Columbia Falls. Not exactly the cabin we'd had in mind with access to snowshoeing right outside the door but oh well, it was warm and dry.

The next day was spent snowshoeing in Glacier Park. The snow was clean and white, the sun was bright and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Before we left Glacier we walked down to Lake McDonald for some photo ops and trail lunch.

Our last day began early with a drive to Missoula so Moose could get inked.

There were a few minor set backs and a few disappointments but the good definitely out weighed the bad and overall we had a great time.

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