Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't be such a 'fraidy cat

A quiet weekend at the homestead. I made plans that included some outdoorsy stuff, hiking etc. I also planned a nice dinner out with some live music afterward.

It ended up being a weekend spent around the house and in bed - sleeping. Somehow the plans didn't really come together for one reason or another but it was still a good weekend. Although it seemed to fly by at times.

Oh, and we got a cat. I'm not convinced as of yet that this cat is THE cat for us. So far he has stayed under the bed in the guest bedroom, afraid to come out and explore. I heard him early this morning getting something to eat and walking around a bit but other than that, nothing. He's scared and very anti-social. Because of that I am not convinced he's the cat for us. The reason I wanted a cat was for the social interaction (with me, with the dog etc.). This cat wants NOTHING to do with us so far.

I have until Saturday to make a decision. I'm torn because on one hand this cat is not the personality I was hoping for but on the other hand he came from an environment that I'm not too excited to return him to either. Honestly, if things don't improve I can't see myself falling in love with this cat.

Any hints or advice on socializing a cat would be appreciated. It's been ages since I actually had a cat and I've never been around one this freaked out.

I'll keep you posted.

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