Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Got kind of a lead foot there missy"

"Damn it!"

I saw him just a little too late, the familiar black car with the yellow highway patrol emblem on the side.

He immediately flipped his lights on and I slowed to about 80.

I watched him in the rear view mirror as he continued in the opposite direction, probably looking for a place to turn around. Yep, sure enough. "I'm busted," I thought as I watched him in the distance get his patrol car turned around and come south in my direction.

Suddenly, my possible salvation. The road sign said "Boulder - 1 mile." If I could beat him to the exit he wouldn't catch me. As soon as I saw that sign it was no longer about the $45 ticket (or whatever it is). It was a race to see if I could get away.

I brought the car up to 85 and continued towards the exit. I could see his lights flashing about a mile back and figured if he caught up to me before that exit I'd have to pull over but otherwise I was going to keep going.

I slid off the interstate and onto the exit, came to a rolling stop at the sign and made a left turn. I pulled into the parking lot of the gas station just off the exit and figured that was as good a time as any to get something to drink.

I grabbed a diet coke, paid at the counter and as I walked back out to my car I saw the highway patrolman drive by.

Today was my day. Maybe next time it will be his.

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