Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A band of bighorn sheep rams race across the snow at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park on Monday morning. People hiking the trail behind the visitor’s center were treated to glimpses of mature rams as the herd moved around alpine meadows. Karen Nichols photos/Daily Inter Lake

Going-to-the-Sun is officially open for the season and the new shuttle system is up and running. I think a weekend trip to the Park might have to happen to check things out; make sure everything is as I left it.


bootcamp is over (until next Tuesday)! I completed my first rotation (yay me!) and am ready for the next. I'm looking forward to a Thursday off though, time for my foot to heal a little before getting back out there hardcore.

That's all the news that's news - you know all the rest: Bush commuting Libby's sentence, Obama raising a record amount of mula, terrorist attacks, travel alerts for the 4th, etc. etc. - whatever happened to happy news? Oh yeah, that's up above ;)

Have good days kiddies!

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