Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Rachie, you feel like blowing off some steam?"

I was down for blowing off a little steam, things had been stressful lately and it was time to let loose a little.

The four of us decided to hit Teasers (the local strip club). The night started off innocently enough. Sitting around a table having a few beers and a Long Island Ice Tea, not really paying much attention to what was going on and not on the receiving end of attention either.

Then I was informed that it was time to hit the rail. Do you know what that is? I didn't but as C__ dropped a dollar bill down in front of me I soon found out. The stripper with the long brown hair slid up in front of me and I got my first girl on girl action. She was uhm....very friendly.

I was under the impression that we weren't allowed to touch the girls but apparently women are actually encouraged to do so. Next it was K__'s turn as the girl moved over in front of her.

We were trying to get the girls to pay attention to the men but it didn't matter how many dollar bills we dropped in front of them. The guys only got a little lovin' before the girls moved on.

After hanging out at Teasers for a while we bailed and ended up at the river. A little alcohol, a little hot weather, a lot of darkness all blends together nicely for skinny dipping don't you agree?

I'd say steam has definitely been blown.

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