Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Marmots and ninny goats and moose, oh my!

I had a great opportunity to spend some time in Glacier National Park last weekend, hiking to the Granite Park Chalet. (click on the images to get a better view)

What an incredible hike! We got a very early start and got to see the sunrise over Glacier.

And the ninny goats were out on the trail to meet and greet us. (yes, I know they aren't really called ninny goats but work with me people).

Isn't he cute and all mugging for the camera.

We had beautiful scenery for the entire hike. When you are there it's easy to think it can't possibly get any better.

And we met another marmot along the trail. This one was much friendlier than the one I encountered at Sperry Chalet and stopped to pose for pictures. He was just the cutest thing.

After about 4 hours of hiking we made it to Granite Park Chalet - totally worth every step.

The views from the chalet really have to be experienced. It is a long hike but so worth the effort.

The wildflowers were in bloom all over the hillside. That was definitely a cool experience walking through a carpet of wildflowers.

And we got to see Rachel flowers (shut up, I liked them and so that's what they were called).

I got to see the remnants of a glacier for the first time and learned a lesson on firsts - case of beer was it?

A beautiful view of the lakes below - that's where we're headed.

On the hike down we saw ripples in one of the lakes below and got out the binoculars. A moose was swimming across the lake, keeping cool from the hot day. Further down on the trail we got another view of a moose wading around in one of the lakes we passed. Another first, but not for me this time.

We saw many waterfalls along the way but I liked this little one the best I think because of the great colors in the water and the fact that it made this really cool swimming hole.

The last falls we saw along the trail down. Off to the right of this photo the water falls over a series of rock steps. There were a couple of young guys climbing which looked like fun but at this point my feet wanted to go down, not up.

Remember the lakes from back up the trail? This is the last of them and it was time to strip down and jump in (no, I do not have pictures of me skinny-dipping in my underwear but some little Japanese tourist does).

All in all it was a fabulous hike, I had a great time and can't wait to go again, whether it be this hike or another, I'm ready!

Moose, I'm looking forward to next weekend, can't wait to see you!

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