Monday, November 16, 2009

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play...

And I'm back in the game. Knee is good, I'm up and running and rockin' it out.

Yay me!

Hehe, so I'm driving home this weekend and as I'm cruising along at my normal 90 miles an hour (yeah, I know) I come over a hill and see this black car a ways in front of me. I take a closer gander and notice the distinct black and white hash marks on the back - HA! State patrolly.

I ease off the gas a bit and keep my distance, slowing down to 60 miles an hour.

Pretty soon vehicles start to ride my ass and I'm thinking to myself "yeah, go ahead buddy, pass me."

Sure enough, a bunch of hunters in trucks start to pass me and very quickly realize their mistake.

LMAO! Soon I was following four trucks who had slowed down to 60-65 as well. None of us wanting to be the door knob who gets busted passing a statie in a 70 zone.

Hehe, as soon as I turned north on the Seeley - Swan though I was hittin' the gas. ;)

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