Monday, March 16, 2009

A week since the accident at the gym and I still hurt. I am so pissed and bummed and angry and sad.

When I moved here I left my home gym, the one I worked at and worked out at. I left behind boot camp and my Wednesday after work class that totally kicked my ass every week but I loved it.

When I left boot camp I stopped running and lifting several times a week. I ran when I first moved here but then it got cold and icy etc. It has taken almost a year but I've gained 10 pounds since I moved here. And not 10 necessary pounds in the "wow, you've added some weight and you really needed it, it looks good" kind of way. More like the "what the fuck am I going to wear?" kind of way - I absolutely hate, hate, hate it with an ever growing passion that makes me want to take a butcher knife and the vacuum cleaner nozzle and do a little home lyposuction.

I was so excited about getting back into boot camp, being back at the gym, working out, feeling good, getting my groove back in a way. Then this! This fucking accident, negligence, bullshit at the gym a week ago and I've been laid up ever since. I was ready. I was geared. I was looking forward to the pain and the ache in muscles after you know you've worked them hard.

Now I feel worse than when I started. I'm no where near to getting back into boot camp shape and to top it all off I can't work out now - my back won't let me.

This morning was spent in tears. Tears of pain, frustration and anger as I had really planned to go back to the gym this morning and start out slow. When my alarm went off at 5:00 this morning there was no way my body was going to allow me to hit the gym.

I am so frustrated and sick of taking Lortab every goram day!!!

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