Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I had my very first guitar lesson last night, yay me! I learned about frets and strings and strumming and some tuning basics and I even learned an A chord.

I would really like to pick up a decent 2nd hand guitar to learn with. Last night I was just kind of messing around with a friends guitar. The one complication I had was that I'm kind of small with really small hands and the guitar is kind of big and there are some chords that really put my fingers to the test. In fact I can still feel it in the finger tips of my left hand this morning. I even have itty bitty sore spots. Plus the guitar was a little bulky sitting in my lap so I kept having to try and reposition.

Hehe, then he handed me the much smaller electric guitar - woo hoo, that was cool!

My homework is some music theory which I barely remember from my piano playing days waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day.

I am so jazzed. I just want to run out and buy a guitar so I can work some more when I get home. Watch out Os, before you know it I'll be rocking the Casbah. And yes, I will make you listen and help ;)

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