Monday, February 02, 2009


A difficult task at times.

My sister lost her husband two months ago and has not been dealing very well. Her text message to me this morning asked when I was coming home - "I just need you."

My friend Kimme had to put her beloved Golden Retriever down two weeks ago and yesterday they had to put their rescue dog down as well. She isn't dealing very well and I know that my presence would be a comfort to her. If you have never lost a beloved pet then you wouldn't understand but it can be like losing a child. Her heart is broken.


I am planning a trip to Helena this weekend to try and be a rock for those that need me.

Plus there are the friends who write to complain that they never see me and want some time when I'm in Helena next.

Somehow I have to make time for everyone. There isn't going to be enough time in the two days that I'm there to fit everyone in. There never is it seems.

~sigh~ Going "home" is a difficult task at times.

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