Friday, February 20, 2009

Foster cat

I volunteer at the local animal shelter and am fostering a cat (I know Moose, who'd a thunk it). His name is Loki and he's a total lover cat. Traditionally I'm allergic to cats, well some cats. I don't know why but some cats make my eyes water and my face get all red and blow up like a balloon. Other cats I'm fine with. Maybe Moose can provide some explanation as to why.

In Norse mythology Loki is a Viking god and trickster. It was pointed out to me that animals sometimes take on the personalities of their names. Well, early this morning I found out that Loki discovered my Jade plant.

Rather than use his litter box he dug dirt out of the plant onto the floor and then used that dirt for his "litter". Smart little guy but not exactly what I was hoping he'd do.

The first night he stayed quiet most of the night. Last night he was up and down, checking things out, on my face, under the covers, moving about and basically letting me know he was there from about 3:30 on.

Hehe, little monster.
I think I'm going to start calling him Felix.

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