Friday, November 14, 2008

A lesson learned

I took a break between trips to Helena for family and funeral to catch my breath.

A friend came over to listen and console and during my rambling it occurred to me that the ones who love a person most should get to have some say before a sudden death. No one consulted my sister or his children or our family before he died that morning. One minute he was alive and just that quickly he was gone and there was no taking it back.

As I drove back and forth between Kalispell and Helena I remember thinking how sudden death can be and how final it surely is - at least for those left behind. It doesn't quite seem fair that a life that was valued can be gone without those of us who loved him most having some input.

This is cliche and everyone expresses it after a death but it really is true - if you care for someone, love someone, value someone SAY IT! Don't wait, don't think about it too much, don't put it off for even a minute because that minute may be all you have left someday.

I have never heard anyone say that they wish they'd said "I love you" less.


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