Monday, May 19, 2008

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

We had absolutely beautiful weather over the weekend which was good and bad. The great part was that it was perfect for walking and planting and going to the Farmer's Market. The bad part is that it also melted a lot of the remaining snow pack which put the Big Creek camp in danger of flooding.

The office had its volunteer work weekend so I spent some time up at Big Creek camp. Refinishing and reconstructing picnic tables was my job. We didn't have to sand bag just yet so the crew was able to accomplish a lot more than just flood control. Big Creek is running very high now right next to camp so we're watching it carefully.

Played a little ultimate frisbee on Sunday and managed to somehow bang up my knee pretty good. Not sure just how I did it but its swollen and sore today. A night of rest is what I have planned so that should help.

Our big spring fund raiser is this weekend up at Lake McDonald Lodge. It means a busy week for me and a lot of running around on Friday night in heels (uugghhh) and some fancy, schmancy dress.

There's just no rest for the wicked ;)

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