Saturday, March 01, 2008

There is no way Glacier Cool Kitty - Kitty to his friends - is returning to the cat ladies house today. There are some other possibilities for him but until anything good enough arrives he will be staying here.

We started this project a week ago with one bite and some small battle wounds on one side and one very freaked out cat on the other.

A week later we have made some significant progress I think. Kitty has started to enjoy being petted and will actually purr now. He has started rolling all over while being petted on the bed. But then again, who doesn't like that, right? Rub me while I roll around on the bed and I'd purr too.

Kitty still gets freaked out occasionally. I have this surprisingly deep cut on my right hand to prove it. He still spends most of his time in the guest bedroom also but I'm pleased at the progress we've made.

Now it's time for a scratching post and some new food dishes. Masculine ones, of course.

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