Saturday, November 10, 2007


I know exactly how it's going to go down.

My niece is wanting to have Thanksgiving dinner at her house in Butte. ~sigh~

My dad will insist that I ride with him and mom since "...we live in the same town and going to the same destination. What, ya don't like us?"
~don't do it Rachel, don't do it~

There is absolutely nothing for the kids to do outside at my niece's house so they'll be inside
running up and down the stairs playing


making noise

getting into trouble

Since it isn't his house there will be no where for my dad to escape to watch football.

He'll get antsy from the noise and the kids and the fighting and the no football and start to get tense. Then he'll start making snide little comments that he wants everyone to think he means in jest when he really is serious.

This will eventually piss my sister off. ~sigh~

We'll have dinner. But we won't all sit together because there isn't any place for a table big enough for the whole clan. At my niece's house.

We'll clean up. What seems like endless plates and forks and knives and pots and pans.

By this time my dad will be tired and grouchy(ier) and we'll make the nice, quiet hour long ride home.

He'll bitch about the whole thing and how noisy the kids were with the noise and the kids and the fighting.

But not this year!



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