Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pity party

Me: So how is S___ doing?

Her: Well, he's remarried, living in Billings and they are expecting a baby

Me: Wow! Well....

that's great.

My ex is remarried and they are about to have a baby. Yeah, I'm feeling kind of sad. Normally I would talk to Kim about this kind of thing but she hates my ex (for good reason) and would tell me to "get over it" or how lucky I am to be single (and I am in a lot of ways, I know this and appreciate my independence - most of the time).

It still pisses me off that he got everything he wanted and I got to pay for it.

I don't really want to get married again. Hell, I don't even necessarily want to live with someone again but it would be nice to have someone that cared about me.

I'm afraid I'm going to die alone and the only way anyone will know is because I won't have answered Kim's emails for 3 days.


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