Monday, November 27, 2006

Conversations while drinking...

Me: Ok, let me get this straight. You meet this girl, she's cute and smart and fun. You hang out, she likes your friends and Bob, is good in bed and likes having sex with you. She's not bugging you about a commitment, all you have to do is hang and maybe call once in a while?

Damn, why do men find that so hard?

He: Yeah, pretty much.

Me: You like her right? I mean she isn't just a lay, she is actually fun to be around and hang with? Because the only reason to not hang with her would be because you don't actually like her at all. If you don't like her, it really is ok to tell her, we girls are not as fragile as we seem ya know?

He: Oh yeah, yeah, I mean things are cool, we have fun.

Me: And you can't get your shit together enough to do even that much?

He: Yeah, pretty much.

Me: Fuck, you're a dumb ass!

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