Monday, October 02, 2006

Strange dreams

Let's see, so far I've dreamt I was down on the walking mall doing my laundry as Peter Pan to Captain Hook (who was HAWT!)

I've dreamt I was part of a search team looking for a missing woman. When the shallow grave was discovered it was me in the grave - very weird.

I've dreamt I was in the stocks and a "friend" was laughing at me and then began to kick me.

And finally this morning I dreamt that I was living on a bus with my friend Kimme and several other people. We traveled around and just lived on the Greyhound bus. When Kimme decided she was moving from the bus to Havre I moved too.

There have been others that I can't remember. I hope it's because of the pain meds the doctor has me on and not that I'm finally cracking up (where the hell are all the erotic dreams where I'm totally getting it on?)

That's it, I'm blaming it all on the pre and post-op drugs!
Hmm, yeah, this is fun!

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