Thursday, May 11, 2006


Two days before my first race of the year and I'm sick.

I felt it coming on yesterday and last night didn't feel all that bad, just minor cold symptoms - today I feel worse.

I don't feel stuffy (I think the cold meds are helping there) but my throat is on fire. I hardly slept since I woke up every couple of hours feeling lousy. I've completely lost my appetite and can't seem to get enough water. Hot liquids seem to help my throat a lot so I've been drinking a lot of tea. The hot latte I got this morning is helping my throat feel better also.

I'm dosing up on vitamin C and hoping to get lots of rest. Now if only there were a magic pill to make all of these cold symptoms go least until Saturday afternoon.

DWG, sorry about the message, I know it was basically inaudible. The bad connection and the fact that I was crying probably didn't help. We'll talk soon. Love ya!

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