Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy HNT

It hardly seems possible that Os created Half-Nekkid Thursday a year ago. It has forged a camaraderie of online respect, friendship and creativity.

It has been fun to see how imaginative each person will get every week. Whether it be beautiful, funny, sexy or shocking, each person expresses their own creative side and let's all of us in on it.

I've also noticed how inspiring Half-Nekkid Thursday can be. There is something to be said for having something you've created or appreciated about yourself being appreciated by others as well.

With that being said I present my very first Half-Nekkid Thursday photo...

I've gotten over a lot of my shyness, eventually posting photos of my ass and my breasts but haven't participated in Half-Nekkid Thursday on a regular basis for a while. Now I mostly just watch....

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday everyone!

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