Friday, January 20, 2006

Rule # 76 no excuses, play like a champion!

I received some of the nicest emails yesterday. Thanks and I'm flattered.

I am feeling really yucky, I think whatever I have has settled in my chest hard core. I have promised that if I don't feel better by Monday that I'm going to the doctor (I hate that so much). Os, now is when I need the shower buddies. I am going to pick some up today and am determined to run tomorrow.

Sometimes you just can't get it right. I try to get it right more times than I get it wrong but my track record as of late isn't so great. I seem to keep saying the wrong things to someone and I don't even know for sure how it happens. Such is life.

Theo Epstein is rejoining the Red Sox in an undetermined role. The Red Sox made him the youngest general manager in baseball history and he has been the most successful general manager in franchise history. It's about damn time he got his ass back to Boston. Also, the Red Sox just signed Arroyo to another 3 year contract, that is a good thing.
(Is it sick that I'm looking forward to April this much?)

K, what's up girl, where have you been? Call me sometime!

Favorite quote of the day: "when that red-head starts getting kooky there's something about me that feels alive inside" ;) gotta love red-heads!

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