Sunday, January 22, 2006

Girl behaving badly

I got to thinking after I talked to Os today. He has a post about some of our worst traits, things we know and don't exactly like about ourselves. It took a while for me to narrow it down but the things that are weighing on my mind as of late include:

  • I can be extremely impatient. When theres a problem or issue I want to resolve it and don't want to wait to do it, I have no patience where this is concerned. I have patience with a lot of other things but not in this area.

  • I take things too seriously sometimes, ask Os, he knows. Hell, ask a lot of people, they all know this about me. I don't mean to, I just like clarification. I think everyone being on the same page is important.

  • I can be very emotional. LOL, like just today when I talked to Os and was all weepy. Weepy partly because I'm still sick, hating it, hating not being able to run and my defenses are down, but weepy too for fuck-ups that I perceive are my fault. See...there's that taking things too seriously thing.

Fiddle dee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day (or as my friend John says, "run that dogma over with your karma"). Today is for FOOTBALL!

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