Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Him: the difference between you and me? I jump off the cliff, and you stand at the edge

Me: yeah, looking over and that's never a good thing, i do much better if i don't look down first

Him: you asked some questions regarding her, and then you encouraged me to go for it

Me: hehe...i'm good at advice like that, i just don't follow it

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy HNT

It hardly seems possible that Os created Half-Nekkid Thursday a year ago. It has forged a camaraderie of online respect, friendship and creativity.

It has been fun to see how imaginative each person will get every week. Whether it be beautiful, funny, sexy or shocking, each person expresses their own creative side and let's all of us in on it.

I've also noticed how inspiring Half-Nekkid Thursday can be. There is something to be said for having something you've created or appreciated about yourself being appreciated by others as well.

With that being said I present my very first Half-Nekkid Thursday photo...

I've gotten over a lot of my shyness, eventually posting photos of my ass and my breasts but haven't participated in Half-Nekkid Thursday on a regular basis for a while. Now I mostly just watch....

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday everyone!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's all over except the sore muscles

Think 5K of uphill running on mountain trail. A beautiful but challenging course, harder than I expected but it was awesome. I was glad to see that finish line at the end though. There were two major hills that forced the crowd to walk and the downhill was just as challenging with switch backs that forced you to move carefully and a fairly rocky trail. All of which I know had to affect running time but it wasn't really about time, it was more about the run.

Whew...got that one out of the way for this year, now bring on the next!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Two days before my first race of the year and I'm sick.

I felt it coming on yesterday and last night didn't feel all that bad, just minor cold symptoms - today I feel worse.

I don't feel stuffy (I think the cold meds are helping there) but my throat is on fire. I hardly slept since I woke up every couple of hours feeling lousy. I've completely lost my appetite and can't seem to get enough water. Hot liquids seem to help my throat a lot so I've been drinking a lot of tea. The hot latte I got this morning is helping my throat feel better also.

I'm dosing up on vitamin C and hoping to get lots of rest. Now if only there were a magic pill to make all of these cold symptoms go away...at least until Saturday afternoon.

DWG, sorry about the message, I know it was basically inaudible. The bad connection and the fact that I was crying probably didn't help. We'll talk soon. Love ya!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hey brah, howzit? Don't be huhu. This haole girl still loves you even when you get a little lolo, garans. Call and we talk story, k'den?

(plus, you know I'm cynical when it comes to matters of the heart)