Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Daily Commute

When I moved to Kalispell I was lucky to find a cute apartment about 3 blocks from the office. Once again I am able to walk to work every day - rain or shine.

You start to develop a routine of sorts when you do something every day. You meet the same people. If I need to pick up breakfast or lunch I'll stop at Sykes where Jane greets me every morning. Then it's off to the post office where I see Fred who polishes the floor every day. We smile and say hi to each other. As I head to the corner I always see the girl who drives the baby blue 1960 Chevy Corvair and at the bank I see Glacier Bank Bob. He holds the door open for all the employees. He and I have a "bit"....

GBB - "we've got to stop meeting like this."

Me - "people are gonna talk."

I've only been here two months and I love it. Perhaps the novelty hasn't worn off yet but I am developing a sense of belonging. I would rather think that part of why I love it is because it already feels like home.

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