Tuesday, May 15, 2007


"Come on, pick up those feet. Let's go, let's go!"

My lungs felt like they were going to explode as I ran up the stairs for the tenth time. "You want more?" I thought as the instructors yelled for us to keep going. Eleven and then an even twelve and we were done with the stairs. A few quick breaths, some water and we were back on the field doing pushups and situps and more strength training.

The first day of bootcamp at 6:00 this morning was rough. You don't realize how easy it is to get into a workout routine and how difficult it can feel to break out. Bootcamp is definitely going to break me out of any fitness rut I might be in. It's hard work but it's exciting. It was fun to have a cheering section and to be a cheerleader for others that finished behind me.

"Eight weeks of this, right?" C_ asked as we ran back to the gym.

"Yep, eight whole weeks."

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