Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Plans, plans, plans

I've got plans people, and they're coming together nicely.

I'm working on a hot air balloon ride this spring. The idea came to me via a friend and I'm running with it. Some final arrangements to be made and then everything should get off the ground - literally.

I'm working on putting together some kayaking up in the Flathead area as well. I did some kayaking while I was in Hawaii and it was a blast and now I've found a place here in Montana where I can do it too.

I'm psyching myself up for my first sky diving adventure. I tried to make plans to jump last fall but the timing was off. Hopefully I won't have to actually be pushed out of the plane but once I get in it I'll be damned if I'm riding anything but air back down.

I've also picked up a new backpack and I'm getting a new sleeping bag. Trail books have been purchased and read with enthusiasm. Maps have been researched. I'm making plans for spring, summer and fall hikes in Glacier Park and the Bob Marshall wilderness plus some volunteer efforts that are going to get me into the wilds. I've made a reservation at Sperry Chalet which will be a nice respite from the long solo hike I'm planning in Glacier.

Yes, I know it's only January. I know it's early but I am so excited for all the plans that are progressing. Now I just need spring people, ya hear me? Spring!!!

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